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Office of Developmental Disabilities Services Case Management Blueprint Recommendations Survey


The state Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS) adopted a strategic plan in 2018. One of the issues identified in the plan is the need to reform the ODDS case management system.

Case management is fundamental to accessing person-centered services and the front-line against abuse and neglect. Case management is provided by Community Developmental Disabilities Programs and Brokerages across Oregon.  The staff in these programs play a critical role in helping people connect to needed services and resources. Those services help people achieve their goals and ensure they are healthy and safe.

A reformed case management system would achieve two things:
  • Every ODDS case management entity's role and responsibilities are clear.
  • Every ODDS case management entity (CME) operates in fully a person-centered approach.
To ensure these two things happens, we’re creating a blueprint to improve the overall structure and function of case management. It’s similar to how architects create blueprints to guide how homes get built. We’re calling it the Blueprint Project.

Today, we need your input on the ODDS Draft Blueprint Recommendations to improve case management. The statements you will be asked to rate today were developed with input from case managers, self-advocates and other stakeholders. Your responses will provide valuable feedback to help us finalize and implement the ODDS Case Management Blueprint Recommendations.

Your survey responses are anonymous and your identity will not be revealed. We appreciate your time and effort.

Thank you